About Us

Northern Associates, Inc. has an extensive exploration history operating in Alaska and we offer comprehensive field exploration and management services. Our experience in remote operations makes for hassle-free exploration programs that focus expenditures on evaluating and exploring your mineral properties. Our geologists and technicians are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of mineral exploration and property evaluations.

Samuel S. Dashevsky


A Certified Professional Geologist with over thirty five years experience prospecting for precious-metal and base-metal deposits in Interior Alaska.

Sam will design and operate your project in an efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible manner, generating certifiable results with excellent data quality.

He has operated exploration programs throughout Interior Alaska in remote bush camps and on the fringe of populated, politically sensitive areas.

  • 2000's: Exploration manager overseeing projects for AngloGold Ashanti, International Tower Hill Mines, White Rock Minerals, and North Star Exploration.

  • 1990’s: Served as project manager for American Copper & Nickel Company’s Delta District, Ester Dome, Eagle Creek and Sawtooth projects.

  • 1980’s: Conducted extensive reconnaissance exploration and property evaluations throughout Interior & Southwestern Alaska on behalf of Doyon, Limited Alaska Native Corporation and the mining industry.

Sam uses a hands-on management style actively participating at all levels, be it trouble-shooting drill operations, corporate presentations, or reconnaissance sampling & mapping. He has a successful history of innovative solutions used to overcome obstacles and logistics in order to keep projects actively exploring and within budget.

Carl F. Schaefer

Vice President

A Certified Professional Geologist with over twenty five years experience in mineral exploration and applied geotechnology.

Carl has a strong drilling and project operations background, augmented with expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and relational database design for modeling geologic, geochemical, and geophysical information.

An experienced field mapper and prospector, he is able to take charge of drilling operations, field exploration and crew logistics. His extensive skills in borehole information management, linking surface information with sub-surface drilling data to develop 3-dimensional geologic frameworks, allows for extensive target modeling and vectoring. Carl oversees quality control in sampling and data handling protocols, and provides rapid integration of exploration results into field operations.

  • 2000's: Geologist and project manager on various projects for AngloGold Ashanti, White Rock Minerals, Full Metal Minerals, International Tower Hill Mines, and North Star Exploration.

  • 1990's: Served as geologist and GIS specialist for American Copper & Nickel Company's Delta District VMS exploration project and Grayd Resource Corporations White Gold project.

Carl specializes in bringing remote exploration projects into the 21st century, through a merger of the most advanced technologies with the most basic field operations.

Edward N. Hunter

Senior Geologist

An exceptional exploration geologist with over forty five years experience prospecting for metallic minerals in Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile and Indonesia and still going strong.

Ed is highly adept at integrating geologic, geophysical and geochemical methods to field exploration for base- and precious-metal deposits. Highly experienced with porphyry, epithermal, mesothermal, volcanic & sediment hosted massive sulfide systems, he has operated remote exploration projects throughout western Canada and Alaska. Ed will maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of any exploration program from grassroots reconnaissance through to detailed drilling.

  • 2000's: Geologist and project manager on many projects for AngloGold Ashanti, White Rock Minerals, International Tower Hill Mines, and North Star Exploration.

  • 1986 - 2000: Contract geologist and project manager for Inco in Yukon, British Columbia, Chile and Indonesia; and in Alaska for Inco’s subsidiary American Copper & Nickel Company.

  • 1970 - 1985: Staff geologist and project manager for Inco Limited in Alaska, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Canada, Oregon and Mexico.

Ed specializes in remote exploration and field operations, acquiring direct and practical geological data in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

Leisa Meitl

Geologist & Geochemist

An exceptionally talented geologist and geochemist with over fifteen years of mineral exploration experience in Alaska and Nevada.

Leisa brings a multi-disciplinary skill set to each project she is involved with.

She oversees all aspects of sample handling, lab communication, and detailed QAQC protocols on all of our projects.

She has extensive experience working with Niton XRF analyses and delivering same day geochemical analyses that feed into active multi-drill drilling projects. Her work with Terraspec instrumentation has mapped and refined clay alteration models in Nevada.

Leisa is a skilled core and RC logger. She has a very strong understanding of oriented drill core and the necessary protocols required to capture meaningful structural data.

Leisa is highly adept at database management and maintains an extremely diligent review of all geochemical and sample data. Her complete understanding of sample and lab protocols allows her to carefully monitor lab performance and solve sample problems before they impact project decisions.

Her attention to detail, great communication, and diverse skill set give all exploration projects she is involved with a high level of success.