Northern Associates, Inc. has an extensive exploration history operating in Alaska and we offer comprehensive field exploration and management services. Our experience in remote operations makes for hassle-free exploration programs that focus expenditures on evaluating and exploring your mineral properties. Our geologists and technicians are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of mineral exploration and property evaluations.

Project Management

We specialize in complete exploration project management. We have the experience, skills, and equipment to manage all aspects of your project. From drilling and resource estimation to reconnaissance-level, grass-roots exploration, NAI can provide you with a simple turn-key approach to evaluating your mineral properties.

We cover all aspects of project management including:

  • pre-season program design and budgeting

  • Federal, State and local permitting and community relations

  • Sub-contractor bidding and oversight

  • Surface mapping and sampling surveys

  • Drilling management and target selection

  • Modeling and resource estimation

  • Post season reporting and Canadian National Instrument 43-101 Technical Reports.

Geologic Mapping & Sampling

We offer complete geologic mapping, sampling, and all support services for the mining industry. From detailed outcrop mapping and channel sampling to reconnaissance exploration and stream sediment sampling programs our team of experienced geologists use proven techniques and digital field books for high quality and rapid assessments of mineral properties. We have extensive experience on projects with masking overburden and no exposure as well as rugged and remote projects located in the heart of the Alaska Range.

Pre-designed database systems and GIS capabilities allow for the rapid evaluation of data during field operations that feed directly into project planning and target definition.

Drilling Management

We offer complete drill project management for any sized exploration program. We have worked closely with Layne Christensen, Boart Longyear, Major, American Arctic, Frontier Exploration and others on projects ranging from highway accessible reverse-circulation operations to steep, mountainous helicopter-supported core operations. We work with the drilling contractor to stream-line all aspects of the operation, from mobilization to production problems, we believe in strong communication between the drilling contractor, managers, and our clients. Past drill projects include the Delta District, Red Mountain, Ester Dome, Livengood, Goodpaster District, Terra, Ptarmigan Hill, Sawtooth Mtns and many others.

For all of our drilling projects we also provide borehole management software which is linked to a powerful modeling application for rapid assessment of the subsurface geologic environment.

Claim Staking

We provide complete claim staking services using either ground-based surveys or GPS guided helicopter-surveys for accurate post locations. NAI's rates are very competitive and we provide simple turn-key operations.

GIS and Database Services

We utilize the latest professional Geographic Information System (GIS) and Database Management software to facilitate map production and modeling. We also offer advanced modeling for drilling projects or subsurface investigations and resource estimation.

These services are available for any project. We can also assist you in setting up a GIS system, data conversion, large-format map plotting, custom database management, and 3D visualization.

Land Status Research

NAI's land status and claim research services are flexible depending on your needs. We offer detailed land status information based on currently filed records from the Dept. of Natural Resources, State Recorders Office and U.S. Bureau of Land Management.